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Sanación energética para nuestro mundo

What do we really need?

Charlie Holles

Monday, October 19, 2015


The more I step back from the developed countries, the more I feel they are really obsessed with order and cleanliness. Of course many diseases can be eradicated with better standards of hygiene. Back in 2000 I was seriously ill in hospital in Calcutta in India after suffering the very poor standards of hygiene while trekking in Nepal. But I look at what is happening in the UK and other western countries. Children are losing natural immunity due to living in over sanitised homes. Their mothers frantically disinfect and scrub everything in the house. Keeping everything in order, scrubbed, lined up etc seems to be an obsession of the culture.

I look around me here in Argentina and those standards are not (as yet) in evidence to that extent. This is still a developing country and a certain amount of scruffiness seems to be more normal. I have been served coffee in a cafe in a mug that had a slight chip. If it had even got through the net in an English cafe, most customers would be very indignant about it. There are still many old cars around. Smart shops and houses are next to semi derelict areas and rubbish collection certainly does not ‘come up to the standards’ of any local authority in the UK. There is even talk in England of putting chips in the different waste bins to catch and fine people who inadvertently put the wrong piece of rubbish in the wrong bin.

I don’t see Argentineans falling down around me from terrible diseases. Criticisms you often hear from English holidaymakers returning from abroad are along the lines of ‘Well it was rather dirty’. Is it so important – within reason?

Unfortunately I think that this is just part of a general preoccupation with the superficialities of life – order, tidiness, appearances, keeping up with the neighbours. Of course I have only limited experience here. But I live with a middle class family; I work with someone running an equine therapy centre; I also work at a residence for maltreated children and I am based in the large city of Cordoba. I don’t see the same concerns with daily living that seem to abound in the UK. Many young people there will not get married till they can buy a house and find the cash to rip out perfectly serviceable kitchens and bathrooms in order to have the latest decor and gadgets. One can personalise somewhere with a lick of paint and some small alterations without spending thousands of pounds.

Consumerism, materialism – call it what you will – has come to dominate our lives. Not only is this destroying the planet; we are losing touch with real values. We judge one another on appearances rather than what is in the heart. Do you recall the derogatory remarks made about the former Greek Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis? He had the temerity to turn up at for a meeting with the British Chancellor of the Exchequer wearing an open neck shirt, not even tucked into his trousers! Whatever you might think of his politics, he is a highly intelligent, well read, experienced man of the world, deeply concerned for others. But no tie..........oh dear.

We have lost our way. Things and appearances come before people. The refugees (not migrants) escaping to Europe are lumped together as unwashed, scrounging wasters. In fact most have escaped the most appalling persecution and displayed great courage in the process. I met one such young man in Spain when I lived there. He had been dumped on a Spanish beach by his people trafficker despite being told he was going to Marseille. His story was one of outstanding courage and determination.

Sadly we are exporting many of those consumerist values around the world. Of course I do not suggest that my choice of lifestyle is one to be aimed for. But what I can say is that I am as happy and as fulfilled as I have ever been despite the fact that the only material possessions I now have fit into two bags that I have with me. Giving to others (and there is no one way to do that) brings real satisfaction.