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Losing the chains of our habits opens new spiritual doors

Charlie Holles

Wednesday, September 09, 2015


I was just sitting in a cafe here in Cordoba in Argentina – enjoying some good coffee and watching the world go by. I almost had to pinch myself to realise that what I have been dreaming of and planning for some eight months has happened although I usually do achieve what I set out to do when it comes to changing lifestyle or going off places. Back at the beginning of the year when I decided to sell up and spend the next few years doing aid/volunteer work, it seemed like probably the biggest change I have ever made.

There were some delays in getting everything in place and the process of selling or giving away every single thing I owned brought up some challenges. We place a lot of store in the things around us and in the daily habits we develop. Finally on 28th September I jumped aboard a plane for the near 24 hour flight to Argentina.

Here I am at last and it is very exciting and very challenging. All my worldly possessions are in the two bags I have with me. But more than that is the fact that all I am in how I live, is in the hands of other people – my host family and the aid people for whom I am working. I no longer even choose what I eat where I live though if I want to indulge my personal tastes I can go along to the little cafe I discovered where I was sitting earlier.

For many people this would very difficult and indeed it is not easy for me. Human beings are creatures of habit and the little habits – such as what we like to eat – often exert a very strong hold over us. Maybe you think there is nothing wrong with this and it would be insensitive and judgmental to suggest that we should all break these little routines.

But it is interesting that if we choose not to allow such habits to exert so much control over us, we can open up to whole new spiritual dimensions. For ten years I followed a Zen path and I made regular visits to a Buddhist monastery in the north east of England. While one was there the whole pattern of living and eating; the complete daily routine was laid down by the monastery. What lay behind this was the belief that our strong personal routines are a part of our ego, that which separates us from each other and from an experience of transcendence.

I have only been here for a little under two weeks but I feel much lighter and more open in part as a result of the fact that I am not so much in control. That does not mean that I am doing nothing that I would normally do. Indeed, even within a routine that is not of our choice, the ego has a remarkable facility to assert itself. But I feel as if a door is opening to something new. Letting go of the habits and patterns to which I am so accustomed allows me to see with fresh eyes and to be somebody different. By doing this in another culture; in another language with people who know nothing about me enables me to start afresh; to become as a new born baby. Of course I have talents and abilities which I can acknowledge and share. It is for this reason that I have set upon this new path. But when I am asked about myself I can choose to leave out aspects of my experience that no longer serve me. I don’t have to regurgitate the same old ‘me’. I can present a much cleaner, if not a totally clean slate.

I am excited by what lies ahead and the changes that I know will come upon me over the next few months and years.