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Follow your heart and trust....

Charlie Holles

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Modern life, at least in the developed countries has become a pressure cooker. People feel trapped by jobs; mortgage payments; tough basic survival if they are on anything but the top earning bracket. Stepping away from the rat wheel of daily living is too scary for most of us. Yet, if we can do that and simply trust that things will work out, they will do so and often in completely unexpected ways.

I understand that if one has children; your own business or perhaps a job in which many depend on you then it is hard to step away. And reach the end of our time and to be filled with regrets at what might have been is so sad and many people experience just that.

As I mentioned in a previous blog last September, over a year ago I decided to give up everything and leave the UK to work as a volunteer in Argentina. It was easier for me in that I was retired and I have no family. But I was also giving up everything familiar; all my friends and, in fact, though retired I did have a small business, albeit that it was never going to be really big. Nevertheless it was scary and many emotions came up as step by step I divested myself of all my possessions, the boat on which I lived and reduced my worldly chattels to just two suitcases.

I was excited at the prospect of the work I would be doing in Argentina. As you can see from the ‘Argentina’ & ‘Pumakawa’ pages on this website it has proved to be a fantastic experience. But it has proved to be so much more than that. I had no definite plans for what I might do at the end of the six months at the two voluntary projects. I thought I would go on to another project, possibly in India. That is a place I know and love.

But having opened my heart and stepped into the unknown, the wheels of fate turned in a wholly unexpected way. I loved the Pumakawa reserve, the amazing and loving people who work there and I realised that I could offer a lot if I decided to stay there. So at first I offered to go back for a further year. My offer was accepted but that was not all.

I wondered about settling and living there. Once back in the UK for a visit I realised that my heart is in Argentina. At the age of nearly 70 things begin to shut down in the developed countries. Often older people are not respected and they are deemed to be a burden. There are fewer opportunities and retirement becomes a round of time-filling – a mere existence. What opened up for me in Argentina is a community, a family, the chance to share my life with like-minded folk who are trying to make a real difference in the world. None of this did I expect when I went there last August.

So I have decided to live in Argentina and to dedicate my life to help the wonderful work being done at Pumakawa. I followed my heart; I trusted the universe and my life has been changed. I am so blessed and grateful.